Art Additives is a series of talks, workshops and encounters developed around Spazju Kreattiv’s ongoing programme.

Art Additives are free events where people from all walks of life can continue or begin to explore their interests in art as a whole. These events are also an opportunity for visitors to engage with artists, curators, educators and practitioners in the creative sector in a relaxed and informal setting. The aim of these events is to create discussions around topical subjects within the art world and beyond, as well as to allow people to truly get to know the processes that go into the creation of artistic projects.


Wednesday 15th September 2021, 7pm

Moderator: Clayton Mercieca

Speaker: Robert Attard

Malta – Tunis – Marseille

Wednesday 22nd September 2021, 7pm

Moderator: Dr. Karsten Xuereb

Speaker: Katel Delia & Prof. Raphael Vella

Spaces in Suspension

Wednesday 3rd November 2021, 7pm

Moderator: Profs Vince Briffa

Speaker: Joseph P. Smith & Therese Debono

The Streak – Isabelle Borg retrospective

Wednesday 22nd December 2021, 7pm

Moderatur: Karsten Xuereb

Speaker: Vicki Ann Cremona and Maria Galea

The Ordinary Lives of Women

Wednesday 9th February 2022, 7pm

Moderator: Irene Chias

Speaker: Margerita Pulè and Charlie Cauchi


Wednesday 9th March 2022, 7pm

Moderator: Sandro Debono

Speaker: Austin Camilleri, Immanuel Mifsud and Konrad Buhagiar

Anatomy of a Viral Landscape

Wednesday 16th March at 7pm

Moderator: Toni Attard

Speaker: Rebecca DiDomenico 

Sea Sunset Moon – Variations on Solitude

Wednesday 23rd March 2022, 7pm

Moderator: Gabriel Zammit

Speaker: Kurt Borg and Giulia Privitelli

Faces of Europe

Wednesday 20th April 2022, 7pm

Moderator: Angele Galea

Speaker: Carsten Sander

Shifting Contexts II

Wednesday 8th June 2022, 7pm

Moderator: Matthew Galea

Speaker: Trevor Borg and Maria Galea