Call for Proposals

Early Call 2025-2026 (Projects planned from September 2025 onwards)

Spazju Kreattiv is a space where ideas can flourish. If you’re a creative looking for a place to bring your ideas to life, we encourage you to submit your proposals for any artistic project to form part of our Spazju Kreattiv season programme. 

Proposals must be through our online application form. After submitting your project, it will be evaluated by our programmes team. You will be informed of the team’s decision based on the time frames outlined in our Call for Proposals calendar.

Why take part in our programme? As Malta’s National Centre for Creativity, Spazju Kreattiv caters for a variety of creative forms, all of which meant to champion our three strategic pillars: artistic excellence, community outreach and internationalisation. Selected projects will not only form part of one of the country’s main creative programmes but will also be assisted by our team of professionals to ensure set objectives are attained. 

The vast majority of selected projects are hosted at our main premises at St James Cavalier in Valletta. However, there are also instances wherein programme initiatives are held in other spaces in Malta and Gozo for increased engagement and visibility. For more information about our spaces at St James Cavalier, have a look at this link. 

If you need some more guidance on how to apply, feel free to contact us via our webform or come to Spazju Kreattiv for our regular IKKREA information sessions, where you can meet our programme executives to guide you through the application process. IKKREA is also a great opportunity to learn more about what Spazju Kreattiv can offer you as a creative, as well as allow you to discuss how your ideas can be developed with Spazju Kreattiv’s programme representative.

After reading the information on this page, submit your proposal at the link above and we’ll get back to you soon!

Early Call 2025-2026 (Projects planned from September 2025 onwards)
Opening – Friday 5th July 2024
Closing – Wednesday 23rd October 2024
Decisions by Friday 15th November 2024

Main Call 2025-2026 (Projects planned from September 2025 onwards)
Opening – Friday 25th October 2024 Closing – Wednesday 19th February 2025
Decisions by Friday 14th March 2025

Late Call 2024-2025 (Projects planned from February 2025 onwards)

Opening – Friday 23 February 2024
Closing – Wednesday 3 July 2024
Decisions by Friday 26 July 2024

Spazju Kreattiv Programme Strategic Vision

In constructing Spazju Kreattiv’s programme, there needs to be a clear vision. Based on the three pillars of Artistic Excellence, Community Outreach and Internationalisation, all prospective creatives should bear these 3 principles in mind when applying to be part of our programme. 

Artistic Excellence
Creatives from different walks of life are encouraged to propose concepts which strive to push artistic boundaries and resonate with current socio-political contexts. Initiatives which show a considerable amount of research and creative accomplishment are viewed favourably. The direct involvement of emerging creatives who are seeking further experience and professional development opportunities is also worth considering in the drafting of the application. Submitted proposals should have a clearly defined concept brief substantiated by a portfolio of past work and experience, a detailed plan of action with deliverables, and information about partnering professionals and/or institutions.

Community Outreach
Our organisation strives for social dialogue and exchange with different community groups. In this context, submitted proposals need to show a clear understanding of the target audience/s including strategic ways how they can be engaged. Accessibility in all its forms, being physical or intellectual, is encouraged and viewed as an important aspect of any successful endeavour. Digital presence and online interactivity as part of the proposed ventures are also seen as essential elements in being favourably considered to form part of the programme.

In the continued aim of achieving artistic accomplishment, interested applicants are encouraged to seek international partners in the production of proposed ventures. Such encounters and associations need to be viewed in the continued evolution and development of the project. Involvement in international networks and cross-collaborations with strategic partners with the aim of further development and prospective touring opportunities are encouraged.

Frequently Asked Questions

May my Call for Proposal application also be considered for any Artists’ Residency programme?
No, the Artists’ Residency calls are issued separately. Further information may be found on the Artists’ Residency section of the Spazju Kreattiv website.

Will I be able to get a cost estimate for my project requirements at Spazju Kreattiv?
We can provide you with an indicative cost of your project proposal upon receipt of a detailed cost breakdown. A final estimate of costs will be provided ahead of the formal agreement, entered into by both parties when the proposed work has been programmed for the agreed dates.

Does my project proposal need to fit in with all the keywords listed in the Selection Criteria?
The proposal needs to have a focused creative concept that directly relates to at least two of the main strategic vision points: artistic excellence, community outreach and internationalisation. 

Am I allowed to apply again in the following call for proposals if my project is not chosen for the current call for proposals?
Yes, if your project is not chosen within one round of decisions you may apply for the next call for proposals, as long as you take into consideration any and all official feedback given to you after the first application.

Would Spazju Kreattiv consider funding the proposed project?
Spazju Kreattiv is not primarily a funding body. However, if the project is accepted and deemed to be of exceptional quality by our Artistic Director, we may discuss alternative funding solutions with the applicant.

What can Spazju Kreattiv provide?
Selected projects are provided with space and equipment at highly subsidised rates. Creatives will also have the opportunity to collaborate directly with our professional staff who can provide valuable expertise in the development, presentation and adequate marketing and communication of the initiative. Each proposal will be discussed and issued a quote accordingly once it is accepted as part of the programme.

What other operational considerations are there for projects using St James Cavalier as a space?
There are two main things to consider: operational hours, and health and safety. St James Cavalier operates daily between 7am and 10.30pm, although public opening hours vary (please see the footer of this webpage). If the applicant requires access to the space beyond operating hours, extra service fees will need to be covered along with other established expenses/costs. All projects must abide by EU health and safety regulations.

Once this current call closes, will there be another call for proposals to apply for?
There is usually a gap of only a couple of days between each call closing and another one opening.