Art Explora Festival – Day 3 (Davide Ambrogio, Brikkuni Live, Vento y Fogo & Ocean Weekend)

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Art Explora Festival – Day 3 (Davide Ambrogio, Brikkuni Live, Vento y Fogo & Ocean Weekend)

23 March 2024

Davide Ambrogio

Date and Time: Saturday 23rd March at 7:30pm

Duration: 1hr

Language: Italian

Certification: U

Location: Xatt Pinto, Valletta Waterfront

EVOCAZIONI E INVOCAZIONI – RITUAL SONGS FROM ASTROMONTE Davide Ambrogio skillfully captures the vast tapestry of Mediterranean culture, spanning from Albania to Greece, from Italy to the Arab world. Raised in a small town in Aspromonte, a mountainous territory in the extreme southwest of Italy, in Calabria, Davide was surrounded by ancient religious rituals and devotional chants that are still very much alive.

Tethered to his Calabrian roots, he drew inspiration from the oral traditions of the region to create his distinctive musical language. Aspromonte is the artist’s birthplace and where he lived for over twenty years. At its feet lies a Calabria still rich in ancient knowledge and traditions, preserved by the mountains.

In this region, time and space hold a unique value, and the word ‘community’ revolves around shared language and togetherness. Amidst the harmonies of words, the calls of animals, the resonance of bagpipes, the rhythms of dance, the distant hum of cars, and the trickling waters of the Fiumara, everything coalesces into a unified dance and song. Here, a profound connection exists between sound and people, contributing to a shared narrative that transcends individual elements in a seamless tapestry of culture and tradition.

Songwriting and Music:

Davide Ambrogio

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Brikkuni Live

Date and Time: Saturday 23rd March at 9 pm

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Language: Maltese

Certification: 15+

Location: Xatt Pinto, Valletta Waterfront

Often credited with the revival of Maltese sung pop music, Brikkuni have been around since their seminal 2008 debut Kuntrabanda – a genre-hopping pop/rock/punk hybrid that transformed the band into a local cult phenomenon and ushered in a new wave of Maltese alternative music.

They have since released three more albums, highlighting the band’s penchant for reinvention and aversion to pigeonholing: Trabokk (2012), Rub Al Khali (2017), and Il-Ħajja, Il-Mewt, In-Nisa (2020). Brikkuni are currently working on their fifth studio album XKPSOVER, which should see the light of day next year.

Creative Team
Vocals – Mario Vella
Guitar and backing vocals – Jimmy Bartolo
Drums – John J Bartolo
Percussion – Guze Camilleri
Bass – Oliver Degabriele
Backing vocals – Marie Claire Gatt
Additional Guest Guitarist – Andrew Francica

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Vento y Fogo

Date and Time: Saturday 23rd March at 10:30pm & Saturday 30th March at 9:30pm

Duration: 2 hours

Language: English, Italian and Spanish

Certification: U

Location: Xatt Pinto, Valletta Waterfront

The vibrant multiculturalism of Malta, coupled with a shared passion for Latin rhythms, served as the catalyst for the collaboration between Marco Strafalaci from Italy and Patricia Torres from Uruguay. This unique fusion led to the creation of the musical project known as the Vento y Fogo duo. Their repertoire, spanning from South American tunes to Spanish, Italian, and beyond, invites the audience on a captivating journey through the joyful flavours of Mediterranean and Latin musicality.

Creative Team: 

Guitar and vocals – Marco Strafalaci

Percusion and vocals – Patricia Torres

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Ocean Weekend

From 2024 to 2025, Ocean Weekend will be a prominent feature in every stopover of the Art Explora festival, solidifying their position as a cornerstone of the festival’s diverse programme. This initiative reiterates the boat museum project and its festival as pioneers in redefining how art is shared with a broad audience, transcending geographical boundaries and sailing the seas.

Integrated into the festivals’ programming, the Ocean Weekend will feature a localised ‘ocean’ focus, addressing pertinent issues in each host country. Panel discussions will bring together researchers, scientists, and artists to explore the theme from both local and global perspectives. These panels will be complemented by compelling speeches from inspiring guest speakers, film screenings, the broadcast of sound pieces, and engaging workshops in collaboration with NGOs.

All these elements, which form the festival’s innovative identity, are part of the desire to “mobilise interested actors from around the world around a common framework that will put science at the service of countries in their implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14 on the ocean” of the United Nations as part of its Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030). The culmination of this effort is set to be honoured in Nice in June 2025.

The primary goal of the Ocean Weekend is to disseminate knowledge about the oceans through a transdisciplinary lens, offering a cutting-edge and accessible programme for all.

For the inaugural edition in Malta, Art Explora is collaborating with the Malta Biennale, working closely with Sofia Baldi-Pighi and Emma Mattei from the main pavilion, and Andrew Borg Wirth from the Franco-German pavilion. Broaching topics of water as a political body and the poetry of an archive, the weekend will host both Maltese and international personalities from transdisciplinary backgrounds, to speak of, and for the oceans.

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Free of charge subject to booking
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Xatt Pinto, Valletta Waterfront

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