Art Explora Festival – Day 4 (Immersjoni, Divertimento & Ocean Weekend)

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Art Explora Festival – Day 4 (Immersjoni, Divertimento & Ocean Weekend)

24 March 2024


Date and Time: Sunday 24th March at 7 pm

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Certification: U

Location: Xatt Pinto, Valletta Waterfront

Immersjoni is a venture embarked on by Giaçinté and Tina, focusing on interpreting their shared adventures, continuous exploration, and thriving curiosity. Their electronic, hybrid sessions reflect sensitivity to unique sounds, global instruments, and complex vocals, which are layered and combined through digital, vinyl, and analogue hardware. A fondness for these elements rapidly unfolds through abstract grooves, deep basslines, and mind-bending hypnotic experiences.


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Date and Time: Sunday 24th March at 9pm

Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes

Language: French with English subtitles

Certification: U

Location: Xatt Pinto, Valletta Waterfront

For 17-year-old Zahia Ziouani and her twin sister, Fettouma, classical symphonic music holds an unparalleled significance. Despite residing in the underprivileged suburbs of Paris in 1995, with an Algerian background, their pursuit of dreams – Zahia aspiring to be an orchestra conductor and Fettouma a cellist – is marked by relentless challenges.

Undeterred by adversity, fueled by determination, passion, and courage, they boldly establish their own orchestra, Divertimento. This initiative proves to be a transformative force, poised to redefine their journey and impact the world of classical music.

Creative Team: 

Direction- Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar
Production Team- Easy tiger and Estello Films

Main Cast:

Oulaya Amamra
Niels Arestrup
Lina El Arabi
Zinédine Soualem

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Alliance Francaise de Malte-Méditerranée


Ocean Weekend

From 2024 to 2025, Ocean Weekend will be a prominent feature in every stopover of the Art Explora festival, solidifying their position as a cornerstone of the festival’s diverse programme. This initiative reiterates the boat museum project and its festival as pioneers in redefining how art is shared with a broad audience, transcending geographical boundaries and sailing the seas.

Integrated into the festivals’ programming, the Ocean Weekend will feature a localised ‘ocean’ focus, addressing pertinent issues in each host country. Panel discussions will bring together researchers, scientists, and artists to explore the theme from both local and global perspectives. These panels will be complemented by compelling speeches from inspiring guest speakers, film screenings, the broadcast of sound pieces, and engaging workshops in collaboration with NGOs.

All these elements, which form the festival’s innovative identity, are part of the desire to “mobilise interested actors from around the world around a common framework that will put science at the service of countries in their implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14 on the ocean” of the United Nations as part of its Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030). The culmination of this effort is set to be honoured in Nice in June 2025.

The primary goal of the Ocean Weekend is to disseminate knowledge about the oceans through a transdisciplinary lens, offering a cutting-edge and accessible programme for all.

For the inaugural edition in Malta, Art Explora is collaborating with the Malta Biennale, working closely with Sofia Baldi-Pighi and Emma Mattei from the main pavilion, and Andrew Borg Wirth from the Franco-German pavilion. Broaching topics of water as a political body and the poetry of an archive, the weekend will host both Maltese and international personalities from transdisciplinary backgrounds, to speak of, and for the oceans.

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Free of charge subject to booking
Free of charge subject to booking
Cinema Club Members
Concession tickets include students, senior citizens and Special ID Holders (SID).

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Xatt Pinto, Valletta Waterfront

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