Art Explora Festival – Day 6 (Think Tank by 3CL Foundation, KorMalta & Malèna)

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Art Explora Festival – Day 6 (Think Tank by 3CL Foundation, KorMalta & Malèna)

27 March 2024

Think Tank Session by 3CL Foundation

Date and Time: Wednesday 27th March at 6 pm;

Manifestos for the Digital Age

Join us for a discussion aimed at young people, where we will dive into the dynamic world of contemporary activism and explore the relevance of manifestos in the digital age. Our speakers, inspired by 3CL’s publication ‘Young People and Information: A Manifesto’, will spark conversations on whether manifestos resonate with GenZ and millennials while exploring how art, visual design, social media and AI are shaping the future of activism and social change. The discussion will explore how creativity may have an impact at a time of seemingly increasing generational disconnects, amplified by social technologies. The speakers will demonstrate the need for critical digital literacies irrespective of age and context, as a means of driving meaningful change in our communities. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this conversation about new approaches to empowered activism in the 21st century.

Creative team:
Dr Alex Grech
Christine Garzia

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Mare Nostrum by KorMalta – Malta`s National Choir

Date and Time: Wednesday 27th March at 8pm

Duration: 55 minutes

Language: Various

Certification: U

Location: Xatt Pinto, Valletta Waterfront

Under the direction of chorus master Riccardo Bianchi, KorMalta embarks on a captivating musical odyssey themed around the sea. The ensemble’s repertoire spans from the Renaissance era, featuring the timeless Mille Regretz attributed to Josquin Des Prez, to Monteverdi’s renowned madrigal Ecco Mormorar l’Onde, which is adorned with the poetic brilliance of Torquato Tasso.

The prepared programme seamlessly transitions into contemporary expressions of maritime exploration, encompassing Charles Camilleri’s [1931-2009] poignant Pacem in Maribus, John Rutter’s [b.1945] environmentally-themed anthem Look at the World, and Luciano Berio’s [1925-2003] innovative reinterpretation of the Sicilian melody E Si Fussi Pisci, dedicated to Umberto Eco. Berio’s piece showcases unconventional vocal techniques, including closed-mouth singing and tongue-clicking, adding a distinctive layer to the ensemble’s musical voyage.


16 | 4 Sopranos, 4 Altos, 4 Tenors and 4 Basses

Creative Team:

Chorus Master – Riccardo Bianchi
Production – Karl Fiorini

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Date and Time: Wednesday 27th March at 9:30pm

Duration: 109 minutes

Language: Italian with English subtitles

Certification: R

Location: Xatt Pinto, Valletta Waterfront

Malèna is the utterly unforgettable story of a boy’s journey into manhood amid the chaos and intolerance of World War II. In a sleepy Italian village, Malèna, the most beautiful woman in town, becomes the subject of increasingly malicious gossip among the lustful townsmen and their jealous wives. But only her most ardent admirer, young Renato Amoroso, will learn her mysterious untold story.

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Free of charge subject to booking
Free of charge subject to booking
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Concession tickets include students, senior citizens and Special ID Holders (SID).

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Xatt Pinto, Valletta Waterfront

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