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Dance Festival Malta

29 July 2022 @ 7:45 pm - 8:25 pm

Friday 29th July 2022, 7:45pm

Dance Festival Malta (DFM) originated as a private initiative by three dance practitioners who wished to develop an annual dance platform aimed at providing opportunities for local and international artists to showcase their work and expose local audiences to original dance works.

The festival will present live performances of different dance styles which dovetail with contemporary dance and dance theatre. Through the festival, the team hopes to ignite a new interest amongst potential audiences and therefore inspire more people to attend dance performance in all of its forms. This will be done by sparking a greater curiosity and interest towards understanding the world of dance, dance making and dance appreciation within the festival’s audiences bearing in mind humans’ need to dance and to use dance as a form of expression which unites communities.


  • Desiderium
  • Mind Enclosure
  • Live Laugh Love
  • Playing the field


Desiderium – the desperate longing for what was, but now is lost. A contemporary flamenco piece inspired by the sombre life experiences embedded in the flamenco ‘cante por seguiriyas’. Through movement, dance, rhythm, and music the interdisciplinary piece explores the notion of the continuous sense of yearning for the parts of ourselves which we’ve had to let go of to cope with changes in our surroundings. It further delves into the perpetual heaviness of grief for our childhood innocence that, although may appear sporadically in moments of free-spirited impulsiveness, may never return. If we’ve lost the essences in ourselves linked to our vulnerability, how can we truly connect with each other as we face an increasingly divisive world where we are almost clinging to life to continue to survive?

Mind Enclosure

The piece deals with the solitude, containment, and self-inflicted enclosure of both the physical, mental and spiritual state.  The mind can take us down different paths. It can create “mind games”.  It can also lead us to a place that is completely separate to the physical. This resonates with the now, particularly due to what man has lived through in recent times.

Live Laugh Love

‘Live Laugh Love’ is an exploration of different aspects of toxic positivity. From ‘think positive’ to ‘no bad days’, we are surrounded by uplifting quotes and phrases that are meant to inspire positivity. However, very often they work in the opposite way and instead of helping they can be harmful. ‘Live Laugh Love’ is a choreographic work inspired by the differences between real and toxic positivity, the contrast between what is fake and what is real. It is a creative exploration of how to translate the fact that ‘it is ok not to be ok’ into the choreographic vocabulary.

Playing the field

Drawing from the scientific theories of magnetism, where opposite poles are attracted to each other, while the same poles repel each other, Zugraga Dance Organisation would like to explore this theory in a more humanistic aspect through a contemporary dance piece. We would like to delve into how this applies on a more personal and social note: exploring the way we react to one another and how it may impact our relationships. What is it that connects or disconnects us to one another? What are these qualities? Do we remain attracted to the same attributes?

Ticket Information

Cinema Club Members
Concession tickets include students, senior citizens and Special ID Holders (SID).

Venue Information

Spazju Kreattiv Theatre

St James Cavalier, Castille Place
Valletta, Malta

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