Guarda chi si vede (Italian Film Days)

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Guarda chi si vede (Italian Film Days)

30 May 2023 @ 7:30 pm

Claudia, saleswoman in an underwear shop, lives in the suburb of Rome. She’s got an eighteen years old daughter, Nina, with which she shares everything, including the sorrow she keeps inside since three years: Marco, their “man-of-the-house”, died, together with ther 9 people, during the breakdown of a bridge in the region of Marche, while he was coming back from a vinyl market, his greatest passion.

Life goes on sadly: customers gossip about Claudia’s disgrace, the press looks for her only to benefit from that terrible matter, her eldest sister Katia throws herself away into very nasty relationships, her mother Marisa can’t start a new life after her wedding has fallen apart, Nina can’t let herself go to her first sexual nor sentimental experiences…

All the women around Claudia are unable to have a peaceful relationship with a man, each of them in a different way, but maybe all of them brought together because of their guilt towards Claudia. In the meantime, she tries to distract herself by working hard and spending her time with Martina, her chatty best friend, aware that the grieving is still difficult to overcome.

One evening, Claudia strongly feels the need to talk to her beloved husband. She makes herself pretty for him and she even sets the table for dinner. And Marco, just like in a (all too real) dream, comes out in front of her…

Ticket Information

€7 (Including members of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura)
Cinema Club Members
Concession tickets include students, senior citizens and Special ID Holders (SID).

Venue Information

Spazju Kreattiv Cinema

St James Cavalier, Castille Place
Valletta, Malta

Additional Information

1 hr 20 mins
Italian with English subtitles