Romanian Film Days 2023

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Romanian Film Days 2023

27 October 2023 - 29 October 2023

The Rest is Silence (Restul e tăcere) 2007

Date and time
Friday, 27th October, 2023, 6pm
Duration: 1hr 54min

Introduction by the historian and film critic Manuela Cernat.
The screening will be followed by a dialogue with director Nae Caranfil.

In 1911-12, young Grigore Brezianu is the son of a National Theatre star, but his own record is somewhat disappointing. Too short for the stage, too shy with women, excessive in lifestyle, the son is about to commit the cardinal mistake, the unforgivable sin in his father’s eyes: directing a movie! He dreams of it as the greatest, longest movie ever made. It would be a faithful re-enactment of the war with the Turks, through which Romania had won its independence 35 years earlier, in 1877.  Leon Popescu, a local landowner afflicted with messianic delirium and self-proclaimed Patron of the Arts, becomes the financier of the whole enterprise. He also becomes Grigore’s protector, his mentor, surrogate father, dishonest partner and lifelong enemy. “The Rest is Silence” tells the story of this movie making, in a loose and half-fictionalized way.

Men of Deeds (Oameni de treabă) 2022

Date and time
Saturday, 28th October, 2023, 5.30pm
Duration: 1hr 45min

The screenplay, written by Radu Romaniuc and Oana Tudor, with the latter also playing the protagonist’s ex-wife, centres on Ilie (Iulian Postelnicu), a village policeman whose professional challenges seem limited to settling drunken conflicts in the local tavern and ignoring the questionable actions of the mayor who buys the goodwill of the villagers by investing money of unknown origin in the well-being of the community. But one day a man from the village is murdered. Since Ilie and his new colleague Vali, who has just graduated from the police academy, have very different opinions on how the investigation should proceed, tension builds up forcing the protagonist to make the wrong decision. Or maybe it’s the right one?


The Ladder (Scara) 2021

Date and time
Saturday, 28th October, 2023, 8pm
Duration: 2hr 17min

The screening will be followed by a dialogue with director Vlad Păunescu.

Based on true events, “The Ladder” follows the spiritual journey of Andrei, a sensitive and socially awkward young man who, in his search for the formula of happiness, decides to become an actor. After the fall of communism, blinded by the illusion of freedom and democracy, Andrei faces a series of brutal events that have deeply marked Romania’s recent history. Finding refuge in the role of Alyosha in a stage adaptation of “The Karamazov Brothers”, the young man becomes closer and closer to his character, gradually discovering the path to understanding divinity.

The Campaign (Berliner) 2020

Date and time
Sunday, 29th October, 2023, 6pm
Duration: 1hr 40min

Romania’s past and present in its movies, presentation by the historian and film critic Manuela Cernat

Viorel, an honest and soft-spoken tractor driver from Salonta, a small town in Transilvania region (Romania), meets Mocanu, a high-profile politician campaigning for a seat in the European Parliament. His car breaks down and Viorel and his wife welcome the politician into their modest home. Investigated for corruption, Mocanu sees an opportunity to win over the electorate by posing as a common man and decides to stay with this simple family for the rest of the campaign. The title “Berliner” refers to John F. Kennedy’s famous quote “Ich bin ein Berliner” (“I am a Berliner”) and enhances a sharp satire centred on the corruption of power that, sparing no one, lashes out at politics as much as at voters.


Mikado (Marocco) 2021

Date and time
Sunday, 29th October, 2023, 8.30pm
Duration: 1hr 36min

A few years after the death of his wife, Cristi has a relationship with Maria. Magda, his teenage daughter, and her boyfriend Iulian are both volunteers at a paediatric oncology hospital, where they go once a month to entertain ill children. One day, Magda gives a child in need of care the necklace she received as a gift from her father. Everything changes, however, as Cristi refuses to believe that Magda has given her expensive gift to an ill child.
“I think it is a universal story between parents and children, where the notion of morality takes on all the shades of grey you can find. All facets of truth are explored, until the viewer no longer knows exactly with whom to empathise, whom to understand and whom to pity.” (Emanuel Pârvu).

This event is organised by the Romanian Embassy in Rome.

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Spazju Kreattiv Cinema

St James Cavalier, Castille Place
Valletta, Malta

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