Operations Open Calls & Tenders

Open Call 

by Fondazzjoni Ċentru għall-Kreattività

for the ART EXPLORA Festival

Bar/Mixologist Stall Set-Up, Operation and Dismantling 

at Xatt Pinto 3, Valletta Waterfront 

Date Published: Thursday 22nd February 2024


Fondazzjoni Ċentru għall-Kreattività, Malta`s National Centre for Creativity, produces the Spazju Kreattiv season, which is based on the three strategic pillars of artistic excellence, community outreach and internationalisation. In this framework, the Fondazzjoni has been entrusted to organise the Art Explora Festival (https://kreattivita.org/en/art-explora-event-list-en/). The Festival will comprise a multicultural programme of events promoting inclusivity and cultural diversity with a special focus on artists from the Mediterranean diaspora. The initiative will also feature a newly constructed 46.5-metre catamaran, designed to provide an immersive exhibition experience through a remarkable collaboration with the Louvre Museum. Focusing on community outreach and accessibility, all scheduled events will be offered to the public free of charge.

Fondazzjoni Ċentru għall-Kreattività (hereinafter referred to as the Organiser) is inviting all interested bidders to submit their proposal for the running of the Bar/Mixologist with the focus on crafted Mediterranean cocktails at the ART EXPLORA Festival held at Xatt Pinto 3, Valletta Waterfront from Thursday 21st March until Sunday 31st March 2024 on the following conditions set out in this Open Call: 

The selected supplier is required to offer/prove the following: 

  • The variety of cocktails with a specific focus on the Mediterranean region countries. That is, in its selection process, the Organiser will seek as far as possible to provide the audience with different beverages/cocktails of at least different Meditarennean region countries, including but not limited to Malta, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey and at least two of the Northern African countries;
  • The variety of non-alcoholic beverages such as water, tea/coffee and juice; 
  • Experience in event management and bar stall services. That is, having successfully executed similar projects in the past, demonstrating proficiency in handling high-profile events;
  • Reliability of the supplier. That is, understanding the importance of timelines, and reliability to deliver services promptly, without compromising on quality;
  • Customer-oriented approach. That is, client satisfaction will be of utmost priority.

The bidders must adhere to the following conditions:

  • Adhere to the Health and Safety regulations, the regulations and legislation of the Maltese catering industry and the VAT department. All necessary legal requirements are the responsibility of the applicant;
  • Have all the necessary insurance policies which cover any form of risks, including that of third parties;
  • Have the necessary licenses and permits from the relevant authorities to be eligible to sell alcohol and other beverage items (no food items are to be sold at the Festival venue); 
  • Present documentation to prove the above (such as a VAT Certificate);
  • Ensure that items not listed in the application will not be sold at any time. If caught breaking this condition, the applicant shall lose his guarantee and may also be asked to close the stall and leave;
  • Abide to the instructions that may be given by the organizer, both before and after the activity;
  • The operator must remove and clean any type of waste. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure proper clean-up procedures are implemented. No solid or liquid wastes are to be left, or disposed of, on-site;
  • It is not permissible to leave any parked commercial vehicles and machinery outside the allocated spaces;

The selected supplier will be requested to provide: 

  • Stall structure (suitable for outdoor use) with a maximum dimensions of 3m x 2m. The supplier is requested to provide a photo and a plan of the structure when submitting the offer; 
  • Provide lighting and electricity supply at own expense; 
  • Use own equipment necessary for the successful operation of the bar setup;
  • The applicant must provide their recycling bins to use for the waste generated during service. This waste is within the responsibility of the applicant and must be taken care of as stipulated by law.
  • The Festival promotes environmental sustainability. The selected supplier is requested to provide biodegradable materials when selling beverages. Glass bottles are not permitted.
  •  Finance the branding of the stall, following the consultation with the Organiser;
  • Ensure smooth manning of the food stall during the indicated hours of activity, with sufficient, skilled and service staff;
  • Ensure that no under aged visitors purchase alcoholic beverages. It is the responsibility of the bidder to check the ID cards of the customers to ensure that they are of legal age to purchase/consume alcoholic beverages; 
  • Adhere to all safety protocols in the set-up and dismantling of the stall;

The Organiser will provide the following:

  • Site security officer. 

Schedule and expected audience numbers are as follows (the below timings indicated are of the programme events. The supplier is requested to have the set up of the bar stall ready for the operation 45 minutes before the below indicated times): 

  • Thursday 21st March 7:30 pm – 00:00 (450 pax)
  • Friday 22nd March 7:30 pm – 11:30 pm (300 pax)
  • Saturday 23rd March 7:30 pm – 00:00 pm (450 pax)
  • Sunday 24th March 7 pm – 11 pm (150 pax)
  • Monday 25th March and Tuesday 26th March – N/A
  • Wednesday 27th March 8 pm – 11:30 pm (300 pax)
  • Thursday 28th March 8 pm – 10:30 pm (300 pax)
  • Friday 29th March 8 pm – 11 pm (300 pax)
  • Saturday 30th March 8 pm – 11:30 pm (150 pax)
  • Sunday 31st March 7:30 pm – 11 pm (300 pax)

Award Criteria and Application Procedure

The award criteria:

  1. The amount paid by the bidder – the bidder offering the most favourable financial offer will be selected, also in view of points 2 and 3 of the award criteria found below. The amount paid by the bidder shall not be less than €1,000 + VAT;
  2. Curation and the craftsmanship of the cocktails offered with a specific focus on the Euro-Mediterranean region countries. That is, in its selection process, the Organiser will seek as far as possible to provide the audience with different beverages/cocktails of at least different Meditarennean region countries, including but not limited to Malta, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, the Middle East and at least two of the Northern African countries;
  3. The curation of the Bar Stall, which is sensitive to the artistic and strategic objectives of the Festival.

The Organiser will select one (1) supplier to operate the bar stall for all the above dates. 

Each application must be also submitted via email to [email protected] by Thursday 29th February 2024 at 11 am (CET). The email subject should be: ‘Bar/Mixologist stall – ART EXPLORA Festival’ 

The organisers are not responsible, at any moment, for any damages, theft, or fines issued by the relevant authorities.

Documents to be submitted by the bidders: 

  1. With the application (Appendix A), bidders must submit a detailed list of beverages that will be sold, along with the price list (stated in Euros, including VAT) in line with current market pricing. Applications without any indication of product prices will be eliminated. On days of operation, the price list itemised for each item on sale must be displayed in a prominent area where the public can easily view it;
  2. A photo and the plans (if applicable) of the bar stall that the selected bidder would be providing; 
  3. Proof of experience in the services provided at large-scale events; 
  4. A list and description of key experts. Such a list revolves around:
  1. Experienced Leader
  2. Experienced Supervisor
  3. Experienced Staff
  4. Experienced back-end handler
  5. Experienced Manager

The application shall be declared null if any information declared is not correct and not verified.

Click here to download the application form