Through The Eyes of A Friend

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Through The Eyes of A Friend

20 Jannar 2022 - 6 Marzu 2022

In his own words, Frank Kirchner accidentally met the Maltese carnival in February 2016, during the last day of dismantling decorations of the feast of St Paul in Valletta.

‘I noticed the red audience seats at St George’s Square!’His photographic skills are a fusion between candid, lifestyle and street photography. Rather than posed shots, he captures shots of people in motion, spontaneously and by surprise. As seen in this photographic collection, Frank posses a good eye for authentic scenes from everyday life, reactions and facial expressions. Carnival in Malta is a most popular mass event and the preparations for the grandious and festive days start from several months in advance. For carnival enthusiasts and their families, Carnival tends to become part of their lifestyle – they literally live for carnival. These characteristics are perfectly captured and exposed in Frank’s photography.

Although he sticks to the classical principles of a balanced composition, he has the intuition to capture decisive moments. Through his dynamic composition, he makes room for his own interpretation. As seen in the collection, he developed the motifs into a series of related or unrelated photographs, linked in a particular narrative.

Passion, commitment, Mediterranean characteristics, community development and social impact factors are immortalised in the chosen set of artworks from hundreds of clicks. Frank is presenting his extraordinary skills in pointing the lens towards subjects of interest, abstract reflections of real life during carnival days, creating a subjective documentary through ‘life’ photography.

Creative Team:

Frank Kirchner – Photographer

Antoine Farrugia – Curator

‘Through The Eyes of A Friend’ Photographic Exhibition is part of Malta Carnival 2022, organised by Festivals Malta in collaboration with Spazju Kreattiv.


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