Agħti Kbir Alla

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Agħti Kbir Alla

28 February 2020 - 6 September 2020

Dates: Friday 28 February – Sunday 6 September 2020
Venue: Space C, Spazju Kreattiv
Free entrance

The project focuses on the creation of artistic and original content through collaboration between two artists, namely Isaac Warrington and Alessio Cuschieri. It is suggestively entitled ‘Aghti Kbir Alla’ because it explores Maltese identity through typical local cultural idiosyncrasies, and discloses spiritual, psychological, and social aspects rooted in the Maltese local scene. Furthermore, it bespeaks existential and, at times, absurd conundrums related to the contemporary paradigm, as dictated by excessive consumerism and capitalism expressed in terms of overdevelopment, exploitation, and mass consumption.

Visual content features dystopian visions, illustrating quasi-neurotic undertones which inform our contemporary paradigm and society. The juxtaposition of cultural narratives will also reveal typical peculiarities revolving around the current state of the Maltese context, characterised by the equivocality of construction, sacred and religious practices, and engagement with the environment. Within these visual accounts, one finds several references to religious and spiritual undercurrents being analogised through innovative installation work, experimental prints, and drawings.

This project is supported by Art Council Malta
Photo Credit:  Isaac Warrington


Aghti online

Scala Dei


“Scala Dei… is composed of discarded materials that populate the Maltese construction sites. Ultimately it is also a reference to the notion of ‘‘Scala Dei’’ within the context of humanity seeking to progress further than they can succeed, ever attempting to reach godhood.”


““God is dead, God remains dead, and we have killed him!”, proclaimed Nietzsche. When the idea of God ceases to exist in the minds of many, do you think we have solved a problem or created a new one? Perhaps both are correct as an answer… This work does not seek to defend the existence of a god, nor does it claim that one must find God for ones life to be fulfilled and complete. Rather it highlights the issue of not having replaced god adequately. How is the local paradigm replacing God?” 


The Schizophrenics Series


“This is an ongoing series of drawings that bore into several contemporary issues that concern the spiritual, the built environment and Maltese Identity, from an existential perspective… We currently live in a very schizophrenic time. The state of the land is changing fast, undeniably, these changes cause a disruption in the previous frame of life. With all this turbulence the landscape of our very beings starts to morph and mutate.”


Migrating Cranes


“One could call this a performance piece, I would prefer to think of it as a ritual. Cranes made from matchsticks individually put together one by one, doused in Ethanol and set ablaze. The cycle of destruction and rebirth is one that is mentioned in several world mythologies… The name for this piece is metaphorical. Birds known as Cranes tend to migrate, as do most birds. Instead of moving from one physical space to another, the tower cranes move from a physical object to a transcendental one.”





Texts: Isaac Warrington and Alessio Cuschieri
Documentation photo credits: Rachel Micallef Somerville and Luca Azzopardi


28 February 2020
6 September 2020
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St James Cavalier
Castille Place, Valletta VLT1060 Malta
356 21223200


Cert 12
Language English, Maltese
Keywords identity, consumption, contemporary
Creative Team Alessio Cuschieri, Isaac Warrington, Roderick Camilleri